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GAO provides a most comprehensive and unique suite of modem, fax, telephony and speech software on a wide range of DSPs and microprocessors. GAO recently added Voice over IP (VoIP), Fax Relay and the latest solution for high speed Internet access over telephone lines (ADSL G.Lite) to its already existing product portfolio. GAO's products have been widely reported in over 30 of the most influential international publications in the industry.

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Embedded Modem Software

Software Modem (Softmodem)

Embedded Fax Software

Group 3 Fax

DSP Telephony Software


Embedded Speech Software

Speech Software

DSP Voice over IP (VoIP) Software

Video Codecs

DSP Voice over IP (VoIP) Software

Voice over IP

DSP Fax Relay Software

V2 over IP Stacks

DSP Fax Relay Software

Fax Relay

GAO software is available in modules or packages. A module implements a function for a particular standard such as V.90, G.723.1, etc. A package contains a group of modules where each one performs a single function and they collectively perform a complete application. For example, the GAO V.90 modem package integrates the V.90 function and all its fallbacks as well as protocols and control functions. The customer may license a module, one of GAO's existing packages, or a custom package. GAO's software fully complies with ITU and other applicable standards and is exhaustively tested before delivery to the customer. GAO performs fine-tuning on its code to meet any customer's specific requirements for MIPS/MHz and memory utilization.

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