V.21 Channel 2 Fax Software

V.21 Channel 2 Fax Software

GAO V.21 Channel 2 fax software implements channel two of the ITU-T V.21 Recommendation, which provides a 300 bits per second duplex modem standard for use in the general switched telephone network. The ITU-T V.21 Recommendation states that Frequency Shift Modulation should be used resulting in a modulation rate being equal to the data signaling rate. The nominal mean frequency for channel 2 is 1750 Hz. Channel 2 shall be used for transmission of check signals and service signals from the called station to the call-originating station, regardless of the direction in which the data are transmitted.

Features of V.21 Ch.2 Fax Software

For information on Fax Relay, please see GAO's Fax Relay Software.

V.21 Channel 2 Fax SoftwareV.21 Channel 2 Product Sheet Printable PDF Version

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