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GAO Research offers a complete integrated solution suitable for any H.324 application, from stand-alone set-top video phone units, to integrating video phone functions into a Personal Computer (PC) or a television unit. We provide a comprehensive, reliable, embedded software solution, customized and refined to meet specific customer needs. The GAO H.324 integrated software solution includes a soft V.92 modem, audio and video codecs, and telephony modules. Seamless integration is achieved for all elements through extensive testing and refinement, thus all customers benefit from our all-in-one packaged solution. For all GAO products, we provide unparalleled customer support and assistance with system integration.

The ITU-T Recommendation H.324

The ITU-T Recommendation H.324 outlines the technical requirements for a low bit-rate, multimedia communication terminal. H.324 compliant terminals will provide real-time video, audio, and or data communication over a General Switched Telephone Network (GSTN) connection.

Functional Elements Specified in H.324

Functional Elements Technical Requirements
Video Codec H.263 or H.261
Audio Codec G.723.1
Data Protocols T.120, T.84, T.434, H.224/H.281, PPP, IP, buffered V.14 or LAPM/V.42
Control Protocol H.245
Multiplexing Protocol H.223
Modem V.34

H.324 implementations are not required to have all of the above functional units, except for the V.34 modem, H.223 multiplexing protocol, and H.245 system control protocol. However, if the additional functional elements are implemented, they must conform to the standards listed above.

GAO H.324 Video Phone Integrated Solution

The most common H.324 product on the market today is a stand-alone video phone unit, featuring standard phone features, plus an integrated camera and a small LCD screen allowing visual communication. Another form of an H.324 application common on the market today is a stand-alone set-top unit, with standard telephone features integrated with a camera that connects to a television for video display. Similarly, other products allow a personal home computer to be integrated with H.324 compliant video phone functionality. GAO H.324 Video Phone Integrated Solution is the core of all the applications mentioned above. It enables telecommunication equipment and consumer product manufacturers to rapidly bring to market H.324 compliant products with a high QoS. This brings key advantages such as quick time to market, reduced capital cost, higher scalability and manageability.

GAO uses its own high performance, versatile and field-proven embedded software modules to implement H.324 functional elements, and delivers the best-in-class H.324 integrated solution. GAO’s all-in-one package covers all functional elements of the H.324 Recommendation: video codecs, audio codecs, data protocols, control protocol, multiplexing protocol, and modem.

Block Diagram of GAO H.324 Video Phone Integrated Solution GAO Video Phone Software Solution on DSP
GAO Video Codecs:
In addition to the required H.261 and H.263, H.264 and MPEG4 will also be supported.
GAO Audio Codecs:
In addition to the specified G.723.1, also supported are: G.729 A/B, G.728, G.726, G.722, G.711.
GAO Data Transfer Protocols:
All H.324 specified standards are supported: T.120, T.84, T.434, H.224/H.281, PPP, IP, buffered V.14 or LAPM/V.42.
GAO Control Protocol:
H.245 is essential in providing proper end-to-end signaling to ensure proper operation of the terminal. Optional facilities are signaled through this H.245 control channel. If both ends support, and choose to use an optional facility, channel opening and negotiations for that optional facility will be handled by this H.245 protocol. GAO’s H.245 control module is optimized to provide efficient communication between two terminals.
GAO Multiplexing Protocol:
Conforming to H.223, the MUX/DEMUX module multiplexes and transmits the video, audio, data, and control channels as a single bit-stream. It also de-multiplexes a received bit-stream into the corresponding multimedia channels. In addition, it performs other functions such as error detection, and correction by means of retransmission.
GAO V.92 Soft Modem:

GAO’s V.92 modem is an upgrade superior to the ITU-T specified V.34 modem. It conforms to V.8 standard and provides the optional support of V.8bis. By utilizing the more advanced Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), as opposed to Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) used in V.34, the downstream bit-rate is increased from 33.6kbps to 56kbps. The upstream bit-rate is also increased from a modest 33.6kbps to a realistically achievable 40kbps. With these higher data transfer rates, connection time will be at its lowest and higher quality video and audio can be transferred without sacrificing QoS.

In addition to higher transfer rates, GAO’s modem provides V.92 exclusive features such as Quick Connect and Modem-on-Hold. By making use of faster handshaking algorithms through buffered connections, GAO V.92 modem can achieve a Quick Connect time of approximately 8 seconds. When online, users will have the ability to put the 'Modem On Hold' (MOH) and can receive a phone call without having to disconnect from there Internet session. There will, however, be a time limit of between 0 to 16 minutes, which is set entirely at the discretion of the ISP.

Also available are GAO V.90 and V.34 soft modems, without V.92 exclusive features mentioned about.

Like all GAO integrated solutions, the H.324 solution brings the key advantages of quick time to market, unparalleled technical support, and the ability to customize and refine each individual element to meet specific customer needs.

GAO software solutions are available in modules or packages. A module implements a function for a particular standard such as V.90, G.723.1, etc. A package contains a group of modules where each one performs a single function and collectively perform a complete application. The customer may license individual modules, one of GAO's existing packaged solutions, or a custom package. GAO's software fully complies with ITU and other applicable standards and is exhaustively tested before delivery to our customers. GAO performs fine-tuning on its code to meet any customer's specific requirements for MIPS/MHz and memory utilization.

GAO's rigorous testing standards

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