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GAO Research bridges the gap between suppliers developing RFID technologies and the firms that stand to benefit most from implementing RFID. Numerous companies develop various components of an RFID system. When warranted, GAO partners with the industry's best and utilizes their technologies as a platform to build customized solutions for our clients. GAO has one of the broadest portfolios of RFID readers and tags in the industry. Our selection of RFID readers can satisfy any appetite ranging from light weight, low cost equipment to rugged, heavy duty industrial-class equipment. Our portfolio of RFID readers range from fixed to handheld to embedded.

GAO Research partners with the following RFID Manufacturers to provide custom in-reader software:

  1. Impinj
  2. Motorola
  3. Favite
  4. ThingMagic

RFID Reader Add-on Module

In cases where the capabilities of an RFID reader alone are limited, GAO Research can custom design a Reader "Add-on" module. This "Add-on" module can be, but not limited to the following three formats.

  1. Embedded add-on software that runs on a locally connected netbook PC or a PDA device.
  2. Embedded add-on software to be integrated with the customer's unique hardware such as any existing microprocessor/DSP based board. GAO Research can help sort out mechanical and electrical interface issues and determine how best to integrate with your host software and existing hardware.
  3. Embedded add-on firmware (hardware + software). This can be a small 'black-box' device completely designed by GAO that is connected to the RFID reader, greatly expanding the capabilities of the system as a whole. It is custom designed to perform whatever tasks are required. The possibilities are limitless.

For example:

In deployments where some sort of sound output or complex display output is required, the RFID reader lacks the specialized hardware required to perform such tasks. GAO can design the add-on module to perform such specific tasks, leaving the reader to perform only control tasks.

In deployments where a large amount of storage is required but a network is unavailable. GAO can design the add-on module to contain sufficient amount of storage space to store large amounts of data locally without being connected to a network.

Case Studies:

Railway Deployments – use on-board RFID readers to read tags placed on the railroad track as the train travels down the subway line. Tags can be used to identify station name, platform location, and identify construction zones. Because RFID readers are situated on-board the train, it is not feasible to connect the readers to a network. GAO Software enables all data processing such as data collection and event triggering be handled by the reader, enabling such deployment without connecting the reader to a network.

Tractor Trailers and Construction Yards – an RFID reader can be placed on-board a tractor trailer that frequents a construction yard for item pickup and drop-offs. RFID tags are placed on each item and as the tractor travels through the yard, the on-board reader will detect all items it comes across. Because the RFID reader is located on the tractor trailer, it is impossible to connect it to a network. GAO Software enables data processing and storage directly on the RFID reader. With custom engineering work, it is possible to "store and forward" by utilizing the tractor trailer's existing GPS system to periodically send the collected data back to a central office.

Remote Locations – RFID technology can be deployed in remote locations where it may be physically impossible to be connected to a back-end network. GAO Software enables data processing and storage, as well as event triggering directly on the reader without any supervision. The reader can function as a standalone unit for extended periods of time.

We are committed to customer satisfaction. Since every project is unique, customers expect dedicated and knowledgeable experts to address their needs. GAO provides expert advice and technical resources, which go every step of the way from planning and conception to final delivery. GAO's engineer can assist customers as they work through integration of RFID as a feature into their products, solutions and applications.

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