GAO rigorously tests its software. The testing of GAO software is performed in two stages: non-real-time simulation and real-time testing.

Non-real-time simulations are performed using mathematical models developed in house with the aid of Matlab or other in-house simulation tools.

Real time testing for modems are performed using state-of-the-art test equipment from TAS (Telecom Analysis Systems) and Consultronics. The tests are conducted by following three different procedures: two proprietary procedures developed in house: basic test procedure, and stress test procedure, and another procedure specified by international standards such as TSB37A and TSB38. Real time testing for fax is performed using both TAS and Telegra. All GAO modem and fax software has been tested extensively for interoperability with existing commercial modem and fax products.

All speech coders have been tested using the ITU speech vectors.

Typical GAO Modem Test Set Up

Typical GAO Modem Test Set Up

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