GAO Releases Software Package for Growing VoIP Market

June 5, 1998

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When it comes to the utilization of telephone switches, lines, and bandwidth, voice over IP (VoIP) is much more efficient than traditional long distance calls. In response to the increasing demand for VoIP products in both the corporate and consumer IP telephony markets, GAO Research and Consulting Ltd. is releasing a software package (GAO VoIP Package), which offers voice over IP functions. The GAO VoIP Package integrates speech, telephony, modem, and fax software in one package to assist product design engineers in reducing costs and time-to-market.

Media Release

Toronto, Canada: GAO Research & Consulting Ltd., a leading licensor of modem, fax, and speech technology, has released a voice over IP software package (GAO VoIP Package) targeting both the corporate and consumer IP Telephony markets. The GAO VoIP Package is available in 3 versions: assembly languages for the ADSP21xx family of DSPs from Analog Devices and the C54x family of DSPs from Texas Instruments and in fixed-point C for microprocessors. The GAO VoIP Package complies with the appropriate Bell and ITU standards and to the Voice-Over-IP Forum Implementation Agreement.

The algorithms in the GAO VoIP Package cope with packet loss and provide near toll-quality voice. The Package includes software for:

  • speech compression - G.711, G.723.1, G.729A, G.726, G.727
  • telephony - Call Progress, DTMF, LEC, optionally: AEC, AGC, Caller ID
  • modem - V.34 and all fallbacks
  • fax - V.17 and all fallbacks, T.4, T.30

The GAO VoIP Package can easily be customized to suit customers’9 specific requirements. Applications for the Package include: voice over IP –Ç ÆpÀ Æhe PSTN gateways; long distance calling over the public Internet, managed networks, intranets, or virtual private networks (VPNs); and multi-point H.323 conferencing. With all this included in one package, product design engineers can reduce both the cost and time to market of their products.

The GAO VoIP Package utilizes VoIP technology, which allows voice, data, and fax calls to be placed over IP networks. VoIP technology compresses calls down to 5.3 kbps from 64 kbps. The compressed calls are then packetized so that multiple channels of voice can be transmitted over one regular voice channel. The combination of compression and packetization that is possible over IP and other networks makes VoIP much more efficient at utilizing telephone switches, lines, and bandwidth than traditional long distance calls.

Example Application for the GAO VoIP Package


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