T.38 Fax Relay Software

T.38 Fax Relay Software

GAO's T.38 fax over IP software allows the transfer of facsimile documents in real-time between two standard Group 3 facsimile terminals over the Internet or other networks using IP protocols. It is fully compliant with ITU-T T.38 fax relay specification while supporting V.17/V.29/V.27ter Standards. GAO's re-entrant implementation is optimized for multi-channel support on a single DSP. The "spoofing" function is included to prevent jitter, delay or lost packets.

Features of Fax Relay T.38 Software

T.38 Fax Software Relay Application Package Example - Group 3 Fax
Sample Application for GAO T.38 Fax Over IP Package

For official ITU-T standard on T.38, click ITU-T: T.38 Standard.

For a complete list of GAO's Group 3 Fax Software products, click Group 3 Fax.

For information on Fax Relay, please see GAO's Fax Relay Software.

GAO's rigorous testing standards

T.38 printable pdf versionFAX Relay T.38 Software Package - Group 3 Fax

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