V.17 Fax Software

V.17 Fax Software (V17 Fax Modem)

GAO's V.17 Fax Modem software implements the ITU-T V.17 recommendation for a two-wire modem for facsimile applications with rates up to 14,400bps. QAM is used. Exchange of rate sequences is provided during start-up to establish the data-rate, coding, and any other special facilities. GAO's half-duplex mode supports V.24 interchange circuits, and its frequency carrier operates at 1800Hz with V.2 transmitted power level and 2400 symbols/s modulation rate.

Features of V.17 Fax Software (V17 Fax Modem)

For official ITU-T standard on V.17, click ITU-T: V.17 Standard.

For a complete list of GAO's Group 3 Fax Software products, click Group 3 Fax.

For information on Fax Relay, please see GAO's Fax Relay Software.

V.17 Fax Software - Group 3 FaxV.17 Product Sheet Printable PDF Version
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