V.34 Fax Modem Software

V.34 Fax Modem Software

V.34 Software (Fax Modem V34)

ITU-T V.34 is the standard for dial up modems of up to 33,600bps. The fundamental design of V.34 incorporates a higher level of optional capabilities, intelligence, and adaptability than the lower V.series modems to make the best use of the available conditions. One of the most significant factors for increased bit rates is the use of the maximum bandwidth permitted by the channel. Unlike lower modem standards where nominal bandwidth was fixed with fixed carrier frequency, both the bandwidth and carrier frequencies are adaptive in V.34. Trellis coding and shell mapping make this modem a robust design for heavily impaired channels. The standard supports a half-duplex mode of operation for fax applications. GAO has V34 fax modem software (fax data pump) available for Super Group 3 (Super G3) fax application. GAO offers mature V.34 data modem software as well, deployed for several years.

For information on Fax Relay, please see GAO's Fax Relay Software.

V.34 Software (Soft Modem V34)V.34 Product Sheet Printable PDF Version

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