V.42 Error Correction Protocol

V.42 Product Description

GAO's V.42 software is designed for optimum asynchronous-to-synchronous conversion as well as error detection and retransmission of damaged data. The ITU-T V.42 standard addresses two major problems for asynchronous devices: an asynchronous-to-synchronous conversion protocol and a sophisticated error-detection process for asynchronous systems. This recommendation contains an HDLC-based protocol referred to as the Link Access Procedure for Modems (LAPM).

Features of V42 Error Correction Protocol

For official ITU-T standard on V.42, click ITU-T, V.42 Standard.

For examples of GAO's Modem Software Architecture, click GAO's Modem Software Architecture.

For a complete list of GAO's Modem Software products, please see GAO's Softmodem List.

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