V.92 Modem Software

Features of V.92 Modem Software (V.92 soft modem)

Advantages of Software Implementation

OEMs need to get their products to market quickly. They must also make sure these products are upgradable to any new versions of the ITU V.90 standard that may be released. Hardware implementations of V.90 modems will be much more difficult to upgrade than software implementations. A software implementation on a DSP is not only upgradable; it also allows multiple functions to run on one processor. This gives the designer flexibility in product design as well as a better cost/performance ratio. GAO Research offers quality modem code ready for licensing providing a quick time-to-market.

V.92 Modem Software (V.92 soft modem)

Rigorous Testing on V.92 Modem Software (V.92 soft modem)

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