V.92 Modem Software

Rigorous Testing on V.92 Modem Software (V.92 soft modem)

GAO's testing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment. Our software is rigorously tested on TAS, Consultronics, Rochelle, Advent and Telegra equipment under various channel models according to the relevant ITU-T or TIA standards. All GAO's Modem soft modem has passed the test vectors specified by the ITU-T. Our telephony software meets all appropriate TIA, EIA, BellCore, and Mitel standards. GAO also adheres to stringent quality control procedures, which is reflected in our well structured code, detailed design documentation, and well-defined design and test plans.

For ITU-T standard on V.92 software, click ITU-T, V.92 Standard.
For examples of GAO's Modem Software Architecture, click GAO's Modem soft modem Architecture.
For a complete list of GAO's Modem Software products, please see GAO's Modem Software List.

V.92 Modem Software (V.92 soft modem)

Features of V.92 Modem Software (V.92 soft modem)
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