GAO Adaptive Noise Suppression Algorithm

GAO Adaptive Noise Suppression algorithm is designed to adaptively suppress both stationary and non-stationary background noise from speech. By taking advantage of the signal characteristics of human speech, the algorithm extracts the signals of interest and adaptively cancels the noise that is present in the background.

Noises embedded in speech are especially perceivable when compressed and transmitted. Non-stationary background noises that change over time are even more perceivable when played back. By continuously tracking the characteristics of the noise signal, GAO's adaptive algorithm effectively eliminates this background noise, resulting in much clearer speech over the communication channel. The code is developed using ANSI C and can be ported to customers' platform of choice.

GAO Adaptive Noise Suppression Features:

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GAO Adaptive Noise Suppression AlgorithmGAO Adaptive Noise Suppression Algorithm Product Sheet

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