GAO's embedded telecom software runs on TI DSP families and ARM9 based processors as well as a variety of other DSPs and microprocessors.

Texas Instruments C5000 DSPs (C54x, C55x), C6000 DSPs (C62x, C64x, C645x, C67x, DaVinci), OMAP Processors, xDAIS compliant
ARM ARM7 Family, ARM9 Family, ARM9E Family, ARM10E Family, ARM11 Family
STMicroelectronics STM32, STR7, STR9, ST10, ST20 Core, ST40 Core, ST231, SPEAR Head, STi7100, STi5100
Analog Devices Blackfin, TigerSHARC, SHARC, ADSP-21xx
Freescale / Motorola
PowerPC Processor Family, 56800/E, DSP56301, DSP56303, DSP56L307, PPC 823E, MC68360, i.MX processors, ColdFire
Intel XScale Micro-architecture (PXA25x, PXA26x), StrongARM Processors, Pentium Family - Fixed and Floating Point C
MIPS MIPS32 Core, MIPS64 Core
NXP Semiconductor LPC21xx/22xx, LPC3180, LH7A400/404 series, Nexperia PNX1500/1700 Family, Trimedia TM1300 Processor
CEVA Oak, Teak, TeakLite, Xpert-Teak, Palm
Renesas SuperH RISC Engine Family (SH3, SH3-DSP, SH4), M32R, M16C Family
ARC ARC600 Family, ARC700 Family
AMCC / IBM PowerPC Processors (4xx, 7xx, 9xx Families)
Infineon Technologies Carmel DSP, TriCore MCU-DSP

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