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GAO offers on a contract basis world-class expert resources for research, engineering and consulting services to assist clients with complex research, firmware and software engineering challenges. GAO consultants will provide the necessary expertise to make your products work better and faster, saving you time and money in the process.

All our services are offered on a cost-effective menu basis, which means you can outsource all or any part of the job. Our field-proven experience and strong customer focus enables us to better understand your requirements and address your concerns and by co-designing with you to improve the overall efficiency, quality and productivity.

By utilizing GAO's expertise, proven technologies and intellectual properties you may already have a viable solution, and thus your most challenging problems solved before we even start. By enabling our proprietary technologies as a foundation to your solution, and by working together as a team we can minimize the actual custom content again saving you time and money.

GAO's contract services include:


GAO specializes in the design and development of algorithms, firmware, software and hardware used in various electronic devices to communicate by accessing Internet or other communications media. One example of such devices are information appliances, a group of specialized and limited function computing devices that communicate with people or other systems either wirelessly or through Internet and are both inexpensive and reasonably intuitive to install and operate. By teaming with its sister companies, GAO Web Services Inc. and WowGao Inc., GAO Research has become a leader in embedded Web Services technologies.

Listed below are some of the GAO's target markets.


Descendants of the original Palm Pilots, these diverse devices manage appointments, contacts and, increasingly enable connection to Internet.

Net-Enabled Phones

Wireless and wired phones that connect to Internet and can send and receive data.

Net Appliances

Small countertop devices with the primary task of providing fast, easy connections to Internet.

TV/Set-Top Boxes

TV-connected devices that provide interactive television, full Internet access, and on line games.

Two-Way Pagers

Interactive devices that use paging networks and support email and, increasingly, Web browsing.

Other Internet Devices

Including Internet-enabled household/vehicle appliances, Internet-audio, Web Pads and Web Tablets, and Thin Clients.


GAO's technical staff are highly qualified and seasoned professionals experienced with a wide range of technologies, processors, software and firmware, real-time operating systems, and project management tools and methodologies. As a team, we provide innovative solutions and unparalleled support to any project in the fields listed below.

In addition to experience and capabilities gained through more than one decade of research, development, and supply of embedded firmware and software to numerous clients in the world, many of whom are global leaders, GAO has also developed expertise in the leading edge technologies such as embedded Web Services and Bluetooth and has become an internationally recognized expert in such fields.

  1. Technologies
    • Wireless Communications Technologies
    • Bluetooth
    • 802.11x
    • United States
    • Cellular
    • IS-54B
    • IS-136
    • IS-95
    • PCS
    • Hybrid spread spectrum/TDMA
    • IS-95
    • IS-136
    • PACS
    • PCS1900
    • Broadband CDMA
    • DECT
    • Europe
    • Cellular
    • PCS
    • GSM
    • DCS1800
    • DECT
    • Japan
    • Cellular
    • PCS
    • PDC
    • PHS
    • Wireline Communications Technologies
    • Modems<
    • Modem Relays
    • VoIP
    • Fax
    • Fax Relays
    • Telephony
    • Voice
    • Gateways
    • Communications Protocols
    • TCP/IP
    • SIP
    • Voice Over IP
    • HTTP
    • POP3
    • DHCP
    • PPP/SLIP
    • PPTP
    • DNS
    • S/MIME
    • SMTP
    • SNMP
    • SSL/TLS
    • IMAP
    • J2EE
    • .NET
    • XML
    • SOAP
    • WSDL
    • UDDI
    • Other Important Technologies
    • HTML
    • WAP
  2. Processors
    • Microprocessors
    • ARM
    • ST20
    • Geode Processors
    • Power PC
    • Pentium
    • MIPS
    • SPARC
    • Digital Signal Processors
    • Texas Instruments TMS320C5000 & TMS320C6000 families of DSPs.
    • Analog Devices SHARC, ADSP-21xx, Blackfin
    • DSP Group SmartCores
    • Infineon CARMEL
    • Hybrid of DSP and Microprocessors
    • Intel StrongARM
    • Infineon Tricore,
    • ST40
    • SuperH,
    • Trimedia
    • ARC
  3. Software and Firmware
    • Hybrid of DSP and Microprocessors
    • Internet Browsers
    • BIOS Software
    • Firmware for:
      • Chipset
      • Video BIO
      • US
      • PC
      • Power Management
    • Filter Drivers for File Systems and Memory for Various Operating Systems.
    • Windows Embedded Device Drivers
    • Windows CE Device Drivers
    • Windows XP Device Drivers
    • Windows XP Embedded Device Drivers (.sld and .slx)
    • Linux Device Drivers for Real-Time Linux and Embedded Linux
  4. Real Time Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Windows:
      • CE
      • CE .NET
      • Embedded Operating Systems
      • XP Embedded
      • NT Embedded
      • 2000
      • XP
    • Embedded Linux/UNIX
    • VxWorks of Windriver
    • QNX of QNX Software Systems
  5. Project Management
    • Project Plans
    • System Designs
    • Version Controls/Configuration Management
    • Quality Assurance
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