Speech Vocoders

ITU-T Vocoder Standards for Speech Processing Software and Audio Processing Codecs

ITU-T G.729 8 kbit/s CS-ACELP based codec
ITU-T G.729A Annex A to the G.729 Standard - reduced complexity 8 kbit/s CS-ACELP based codec
ITU-T G.729B/G.729AB Annex B to the G.729 Standard - adds silence compression scheme to G.729
ITU-T G.728 16 kbit/s LD-CELP based codec
ITU-T G.726 40, 30, 24, 16 kbit/s ADPCM based codec
ITU-T G.723.1 6.3 and 5.3 kbit/s, MP-MLQ, and ACELP based codec
ITU-T G.722.2 (AMR-WB) ITU-T Adaptive Multi Rate - Wide Band codec
ITU-T G.722.1 24 and 32 kbit/s MLT based codec
ITU-T G.722 64, 56, 48 kbit/s SB-ADPCM based codec
ITU-T G.711 64, 56, 48 kbit/s A-law and u-law, PCM based codec
GSM-AMR (AMR-NB) 3GPP Adaptive Multi Rate - Narrow Band codec

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